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Tenga Egg, Tenga Cup, Tenga Flip, Tenga 3D

If you are looking for Tenga Eggs, Tenga Cups, Tenga Flips, or Tenga 3D, you have found the right place! We have one of the largest Tenga selections the net!

We have all of your tenga needs covered! We are confident we have the tenga you are looking for! Find your tenga by choosing from the many different varieties we have to offer: tenga egg, tenga cup, tenga flip, tenga 3D, and Tenga's own line of lube and warmers.

What is a Tenga? is a classical Japanese adjectival noun meaning "righteously arranged and elegant", typically used to praise the beauty of a kimono or buyō (Japanese dance). This name was chosen to counter the public image of adult goods, and with an aim to create high-quality products with new ideas.We are frequently asked, "Does a Tenga feel like a pussy?"I can't say that the Tenga feels like a real pussy. What I can say is that they do provide a very unique and amazing experience. If you think using your hand feels good, the Tenga series of masturbation products will simply blow your mind.

A question that often comes up is: "Can I reuse my Tenga?" Well, Yes and No. The Tenga flip was designed to be reusable. Simply open it up and clean it out. The Tenga Eggs, although designed to be disposable, can be cleaned an reused. The Tenga Cups are also designed to be disposable. We have heard of people opening them and cleaning them. Buy your Tenga with confidence! We have been doing business online since 2003, and have thousands of satisfied customers. Our customers are our business, so we go out of our way to be sure that your Tenga order is handled quickly and efficiently. Your Tenga order is always safe and secure.

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Tenga Egg Wavy

Just like the waves of the mother ocean keep to arriving the shores, multiple layers of...(more)

Tenga Egg Variety Pack

The Tenga Egg Variety Pack is the perfect product for those looking to experience all of...(more)

Tenga Flip Hole White

Utilizing the pioneering flip-style technology, intricate details were realized on the...(more)

Tenga Egg Silky

They're not just for breakfast anymore! Enjoy self-pleasure anytime with Tenga Eggs. Peel...(more)

Tenga Egg Stepper

The Tenga Stepper Egg's directional details facing upwards and downwards, in tandem with...(more)

Tenga Egg Clicker

Just like the waves of the mother ocean keep to arriving the shores, the Tenga Clicker...(more)

Tenga Egg Spider

The Tenga Spider Egg's detailed web structure covers, all over the inner wall and its...(more)

Tenga Egg Twister

The Tenga Twister Egg's elastic swirl patterns squeeze you as it stretches and shrinks....(more)