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Pocket Pussies FAQ

Are pocket pussies reusable?

Most pocket pussies are designed to be reusable. Each pocket pussy also comes with complete care instructions. Some of the Tenga line of pocket pussies are not reusable, and designed to be disposable.

Do pocket pussies feel real?

Let's be realistic, nothing feels better than a real pussy. But pocket pussies are the closest thing to a real pussy you can get. With the advancements made in plastics and polymers, you will be incredibly surprised at how close to real skin pocket pussies can get. Some of the best feeling pocket pussies are made from: Cyberskin, UR3, Pure Skin, Futurotic, Superskin, and Fanta Flesh

What is the best pocket pussy?

There really is no clear cut answer to that, as personal taste plays a major role in determining what defines the "Best pocket pussy".

How do you use a pocket pussy?

The simple answer is take you new pocket pussy out of the box, add some lube, and penetrate. As you experiment with your new pocket pussy, there are some other things you can do to make the experience even more pleasurable. Try placing your pocket pussy and lube in warm water for a few minutes.

Are there any cheap, good quality pocket pussies?

Absolutely. We carry many pocket pussies priced under $20. We are constantly looking for new products to add to that category. Our line of pocket pussies priced under $20 can be found here: Cheap Pocket Pussies

Do you carry Celebrity Pornstar Pocket Pussies?

Yes we do. We average between 150 - 200 different celebrity pornstar pocket pussies in stock at all times. We can almost guarantee that if your favorite pornstar has her very own molded pocket pussy, we will have it. You can find our entire line of pornstar pocket pussies here: Pornstar Pocket Pussies

How often should I clean my pocket pussy?

You should thoroughly clean, sanitize, and dry your pocket pussy after each use. Complete care instructions come with each pocket pussy.

How should I care for my pocket pussy?

Complete care instructions are included with every pocket pussy. Some pocket pussies will deteriorate if using a silicone based lube. Some will deteriorate if exposed to soap. It is very important to read the care instructions for each and every pocket pussy you purchase to ensure you get the best use out of your new pocket pussy.

When will my credit card be billed?

All orders placed before 5pm EST are processed overnight by the card processing company and are received the next morning at the distributor. UPS Red overnight and UPS Blue orders are processed first and are usually shipped the day they are received, as long as the items are in stock. The out of stock items are forwarded to the secondary distributor for processing the following day and are usually shipped that day. As you can see, orders are not shipped the day the order is taken. Also, since we use 5 distributors, we do not know the availability of all items on a given day. However, since we have access to the supply of 5 distributors, we are able to fill almost every order and are seldom truly out of stock on a given item.

My credit card statement won't say "" will it?

NO! Your credit card will be charged by No mention of, or sex toys will be mentioned.

Will the delivery man or my neighbors know what I am getting?

NO! Your product is shipped in a plain cardboard box. And the "From:" address will have a discreet name also.